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Built-in batteries mean a built-in expiry date for gadgets: lithium-ion batteries slowly lose their ability to hold charge over time, eventually dying an ignominious death, and rendering your expensive gizmo useless — unless, that is, you’ve got AppleCare.


In a small change to the policy for AppleCare for Mac spotted by MacRumors, Apple will now cover batteries that hold less than 80% charge. Previously, only ‘defective’ batteries were covered — meaning you could probably talk your way into a free replacement with a kind employee, but you’re basically now guaranteed a fix.

If you don’t have AppleCare, a replacement will cost you somewhere between $130 and $200, depending on your laptop model. Given that AppleCare itself runs between $250 and $350 for three years, and your battery is virtually guaranteed to wear out in that time, it’s looking like a better and better deal.


[AppleCare via MacRumors]

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