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Apple's Fall Event Pegged For Mid-September, Focusing on iPods and iTVs?

Illustration for article titled Apples Fall Event Pegged For Mid-September, Focusing on iPods and iTVs?

Apple's yearly fall event is "definitely happening," according to AllThingsD, and mid-September is looking like an increasingly likely time for that event to happen. Reading the tea leaves, it seems like iPod Touches and AppleTVs will be the focus.


The FaceTime-enabled (and possibly Retina Display'd?) iPod Touch seems like a lock, and updates for the rest of the iPod family wouldn't be be all that surprising.


It also seems like a new AppleTV—perhaps the iTV?—could be a likely candidate for making an appearance.

But the more uncertain (though in this humble correspondent's opinion more exciting) possibility is Apple announcing their first steps into the cloud. We've heard recently that Apple's initial streaming iTunes offerings would be modest, with a focus on video. That would make sense for a launch in conjunction with a 16GB AppleTV, now wouldn't it? [All Things D]


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As I said before in the other article, iTV is unlikely since it was the original codename for Apple TV. I don't think they would reuse one of their own names again. That would be like calling the iPad Newton. Also a good date guess would be Sept 7 because it is a Tuesday which fits in with Apple's normal keynote date and also that happens to be the date the free iPod for college students happens to end.