Apple's iPhone App of the Year Is a Joke, Right?

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As is customary for this time of year, Apple has just released its "Best of 2012" list for the App Store. And the winner of the coveted App of the Year award goes to…Action Movie FX.


Let that sink in for a few seconds.

Instead of picking a potentially disruptive app or an actually good one, the crack team at Apple decided to opt for a special effects app. Surely there must have been other more noteworthy apps that launched this year to choose from, no? I don't understand how this is one of the "year's best releases."


What about Sparrow, Brewster, Square Wallet, Clear, Dark Sky, or even Letterpress? iPhoto is one hell of an app too. And yet Action Movie FX somehow ended up as the best app of the year. It is innovative? No. Disruptive? Absolutely not. It makes very little use of the iPhone's hardware. I am disappoint.

What would you have picked as your favorite new iPhone app of 2012?

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FACEMAN. The man with a face.

Well the real app of the year was google maps, but that would just be embarrassing.