Apple's New Budget 16GB iPod Touch: 4-inch Retina Screen, $230

Illustration for article titled Apple's New Budget 16GB iPod Touch: 4-inch Retina Screen, $230

Apple has just quietly launched a budget-friendly new iPod touch: a 16GB model, with a 4-inch Retina display and a price tag of $230.


Replacing the last-gen 3.5-inch version, which hung around Apple's store for a while, the new budget offering loses some of the more advanced features found on the more expensive models—such as the rear camera. It does, however, pack a dual-core Apple A5 processor and the same screen as the four-inch iPhone and iPod Touch. It can also handle FaceTime thanks to a front-facing camera on the front.

Only available in silver, it should be in Apple stores from May 31st for $230. [Apple via Verge via Slash Gear]


Who buys these (aside from parents buying them for kids)? People who are still on flip phones? All the functionality seems like it would be on your phone already. Unless you just want a dedicated mp3 player, but then you're just overpaying, imo. (Still rocking my ipod nano 2nd gen to prolong battery life on my new phone.)