Apple's New, Colorful iPhone 5C Is Full of iPhone 5 Guts

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We'd all heard the rumors—the many, many rumorsbut it's finally official. Apple has just announced a new, alterna-iPhone that's coming to you in a rainbow of colors for (slightly) less money. But the real question is what's lying beneath those pretty colors—something we actually haven't heard too much about. And as it turns out, the 5C is just a dressed up iPhone 5.


The most notable upgrade (other than color) is that the 5C does come with "slightly" better battery life. Other than that, though, you're just finding more of the same guts. The 5C comes packing Samsung-made A6 chips that are identical to those that powered the iPhone 5 before it. The exact same. As in no changes whatsoever. So anyone hoping for Apple's new A7 chip is presumably going to have to wait for the mid-range phone's next (?) iteration.


Still, although you're getting the same 8MP iSight camera, Apple promises it will support all the features of iOS7's new fancy camera software. And the new HD front-side camera is a pretty nice trade-off—the previous version wasn't so hot.

Welcoming the 5C also apparently means the death of the 32-pin dock connector, since the 5C is packing a sleek new lightning port. And since it will be taking its rightful place at the bottom of Apple's lineup by pushing out the 4S, it's now lightning cables for all.


The real question, though, is whether a refurbished 5 can handle the iOS 7 overhaul. We only know how it feels under iOS 7 beta control, but bringing in the fixes and additions of the final version could have some major repercussions in terms of how well the 5C will run. We'll just have to wait and see.

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So, instead of selling the old iPhone at a reduced price, they will sell the 5C and people will think "that's a new". So, they probably order less of the new models and they will making people believe in nothing...again.