Apple's Phil Schiller Continues Quelling Faithful's App Store Unrest With Polite Letters

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Apple's head of marketing Phil Schiller—of Philnote fame—apparently continues his tour of the blog universe to calm the unrest of Apple faithful disillusioned by the App Store's garbage approval process.

This time, he stops by the blog of Steven Frank of Panic (maker of the excellent FTP client Transmit), who said he was ditching the iPhone because of the "toxic" ecosystem.


Steven didn't republish Phil's letter, but he says it was a "courteous, polite, and reassuring email," the gist of which was "we hear you." Lovely.

It's great that Apple hears the grumbling—now they just need to actually do something about it. Admittedly, that's no small task, since the entire App Store model is on the verge of shattering completely anyway. [Steven F via Mac Rumors]