AppleTV's Specs: Not That Impressive

We don't know what we were expecting the specs on the AppleTV to be—nothing extraordinary, we're sure—but what we see now is kind of deflating. The ATV has a 1.0GHz Pentium M-based chip which is down-clocked for a 350MHz bus and has 2MB of L2 cache. Not the type of powerhouse you'd want to hack and put Linux on.


The peripherals aren't that impressive either. There's a 40GB, 2.5-inch PATA hard disk, an nVidia G72M with 64MB of DDR2 RAM, 256MB of 400MHz DDR2 main system RAM, and 802.11n compatibility (it works with Airport Extreme). We suppose the meager specs are why the machine costs only $299, but it makes us wonder how well it'll handle Apple's 1080 HD trailers.

Pentium M-based Intel chip at heart of Apple TV [Apple Insider]



Three hundred bucks for those specs seems quite expensive to me. At that price, I would just purchase a low-end Dell desktop (about the same price range) and hook that up to my TV.

Admittedly, you would still have to purchase an HD card for it. But even with a low-end $300 Dell you could easily upgrade it to 1080p output if wanted. Of course, you would like want a 1080p TV first, huh? Details, details ..

This is pretty strange given Apple's reputation at the high-end. Why not have it cost twice as much and have it do 1080p today? Yes, there is no content for it, but they are in control of that aspect (there is no 720p content, either). It sure seems like they are missing the boat with this product.