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Apps Will Overtake iTunes Music Downloads Before the Year's Out

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Numbers mined from iTunes by Asymco are pointing towards a startling new fact: that very soon the number of app downloads will surpass music downloads, in just half the amount of time.

Asymco, the same market research firm that published the purported figures of iPod Touch sales, reckons by the end of the year more apps will have been downloaded than music tracks—with today's figures showing 6.3 billion apps have been downloaded in just 2.2 years, whereas it took five years for the same number of music downloads.


What a world we live in, where it's thought that over 80 per cent of downloaded iOS apps are free, and actually able to surpass paid-for music downloads, tracks of which are impossible to be found elsewhere online! [Asymco via TechCrunch]