Illustration for article titled APSI C100s Removeable Touchscreen Actually Makes Me Excited about a GPS

Personal navigation device design is usually as boring as late night infomercials, but not APSI's C100. The half GPS half PMP comes with a cradle which you can slide the touchscreen device in and out of.


From the images it looks like the GPS cradle has A/V hook ups and its physical buttons let you control the device for the times you don't want to rely on the touchscreen. The ejectable PMP seems to have 3D mapping and audio and video playback. One of the images shows a TV tuner hook up. No idea on how much on board storage it has. I'm hoping for a good 8 gigs. I'd love to be able to take this thing out of the car, load it up with tunes and vids, and then pop it back in for a road trip.

I wish I could say it was headed to the U.S. but it looks like the device is only meant for the Korean market at the moment. That doesn't mean I don't think it is an awesome idea that I want to be in car dashboards NOW. [Slashgear via PMP Inside]

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