Aquavision AVF 57-4LCD is World's Largest Waterproof TV, Lacks Vibrating Remote

Illustration for article titled Aquavision AVF 57-4LCD is Worlds Largest Waterproof TV, Lacks Vibrating Remote

Besides your bodily filth, what else do you take into the bathroom with you? How about a 57-inch waterproof TV? That's right, those fellows at Aquavision, who have brought us all manner of waterproof TVs in the past, have now gone to work on the world's largest waterproof display.


Standing at 57 inches in diagonal length, the AVF 57-4LCD doubles up as a big-ass mirror when not in use. It is capable of Full HD (1920 x 1080), has two HDMI inputs for your waterproof HDMI equipped home theater equipment, both analog and digital tuners are in-built and, of course, a waterproof remote control. Unfortunately, it doesn't vibrate, which puts a bit of a downer on anyone hoping to have a waterfest. As for the price, if you have to ask, you probably don't know. We don't either, as pricing information has not yet been released. [Born Rich via DVICE]

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A Vibrating TV? Whats wrong with you people? That could only possibly make sense if the TV was on the floor...