Are iBook 2's High-Res Images Meant for the iPad 3?

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Apple's iBook 2 app comes with some interesting media bundled in it. Developers have uncovered high resolution images that seem designed for use in a Retina display but the iPad 2 doesn't have one. Is this evidence that the iPad 3 will?


The pictures are denoted with "@2x" in their filename and at, 2048×1536 pixels, they are double what the iPad 2 can natively display. What's more, they display at 260 pixels per inch (PPI). That's not quite the 300PPI that the latest iPhones can do—and what Apple has said officially constitutes a Retina display—but still dense enough to fool your eyes at the increased viewing distance.

This isn't the first time that Apple's leaked @2x pictures. An earlier version of iBooks (version 1.1) included similar pictures back in 2010, which lead to speculation that the forthcoming iPad 2 could have a Retina display. So, is Apple prepping for a surprise iPad 3 launch or is someone on the iBook development team just having a bit of fun with us? [MacRumors - Top art adapted from screengrabs on 9to5Mac]



Keep in mind that the resolution embedded in the image file (260PPI vs. 300PPI) has no bearing on how the image is programatically displayed. It's only the dimensions (64x64 vs. 32x32) that affect the size.