Are you at New York Comic-Con? Tell us about it!

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If you're going to be at New York Comic-Con this weekend, you can talk to other io9ers about it on our NYCC 2010 page. Post pictures, news items, or suggestions for io9 meetup locations right here. Also, be sure to say hi to io9 staffers who are at the Con this weekend! Meredith Woerner, Cyriaque Lamar, Alasdair Wilkins, and Kelly Faircloth will be there, along with our new intern Chelsea Lo Pinto.

If you're not at Comic-Con but still feel like chatting with other io9ers, why not visit the Observation Deck, our open discussion page?

What the heck are these discussion page things? Why didn't anybody ever tell you about them? Find out more about them here.