Are You Brave Enough to Try Vine Roulette?

Illustration for article titled Are You Brave Enough to Try Vine Roulette?

Straight outta the blocks late last week there was Vinepeek, a website which throws up just-posted Vine videos. Now there's Vine Roulette, which offers up an entire wall of six-second videos for you to... uh... enjoy?


Vine Roulette can filter by hashtag, which means you can use its—actually rather nice and novel—interface to see a whole bunch of themed video at once. That's notable for two reasons: first, it could help fuel America's hottest new porn search engine and, second, it seems people's hashtags often don't correspond to the content of their video.

You have been warned. [Vine Roulette]


Look exactly like the Zune now playing screen.