ARM-Powered Lego Robot, Solver of 4x4x4 Rubik's Cubes and My Heart

Normally hyper-intelligent robots terrify me, but this little guy has officially won me over. It uses Lego Mindstorms parts, a Lego programmable robotics kit and—of all things—a Nokia N95 mobile phone to unlock the mysteries of Rubik.

It's by no means the first Rubik's Cube solver we've seen, but it's definitely the first I've encountered that runs on phone. The ARM-packing Nokia N95 rests above the cube, scanning it with its camera as it solves. Double bonus points for working with a 4x4x4 Cube instead of the standard 3x3x3.


According to one intrepid YouTube commenter, the trial above took 15 minutes and 109 moves, which is more than my personal best of "a few months" and "I lost track." I just hope that when we're all assigned a robot overlord, mine is as neat as this one. [Make via Geekosystem]

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WOW! Amazing!