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As an Ocean Master Himself, James Cameron Had a Complex Reaction to Aquaman

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

James Cameron loves water. Not only did he make a romance about a shipwreck, his films have had multiple liquid characters, the new Avatar sequels are partially set underwater, and he’s been involved in several deep ocean documentaries. So after he saw James Wan’s Aquaman, he had a lot of thoughts.

Yahoo talked to Cameron about the film and he explained that while he found it entertaining, and appreciated that it did touch upon actual ecosystems, he found it to be very unrealistic in how it dealt with underwater physics—which is a hilarious thing from the dude who created the Terminator to say. Check out the fun questions here.


In addition to all that, don’t forget Cameron’s other connection to Aquaman. He fake directed the movie on the HBO show Entourage. So it’s extra interesting to hear his thoughts on it all.


Aquaman is coming back, of course. A writer was just hired to do a sequel and the trench creatures from the film are getting their own spin-off movie. We can already assume that neither of those movies will be terribly realistic, either.

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