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As Seen at CES: Microsoft Surface Fail [UPDATED]

Illustration for article titled As Seen at CES: Microsoft Surface Fail [UPDATED]

Intrepid reader Yves Milord snapped a pic of what might be the first error message seen on a Microsoft Surface. UPDATED


It's not a system-wide fail, and we still like the Surface, but who doesn't love an error during promotion? Microsoft "goons" apparently hustled Yves immediately out after he snapped this shot, before he could do any more damage. Keep stickin' it to the man, readers! [Thanks, Yves!]

Correction: The Windows 7 touch UI above was not developed by the surface team, and so this general error message has nothing to do with them, and concerns only the separately developed UI.

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You would think that software engineers would create a different version for the display program, one that rewrites errors messages to say something else. For instance mask the error message as an option in which you had to choose between two variables.