ASAP Science Runs Through How Many Cherry Pits and Tablespoons of Spice Will Kill You

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This is the ultimate video to illustrate that “the dose makes the poison.” ASAP Science explains how much seasoning, how many cherry pits, and how much loud music will murder you.

Was anyone really surprised to learn that only a few cherry pits will kill someone? This video makes marijuana look surprisingly safe by comparison. Here’s something to reassure you if you ever swallow a cherry pit. They’re not kidding when they say you’ll probably be okay if you don’t chew it. Technically, cherry pits don’t contain cyanide, they contain amygdalin. There are enzymes in the gut that can turn amygdalin into cyanide, but the body regularly deals with small amounts of cyanide because quite a few thing contain some amygdalin.


The problem is when you chew cherry pits. The pit itself also contains one of these enzymes—emulsin—and chewing the pit will naturally mix the amygdalin and the emulsin to create cyanide. In that case, consuming a cherry pit can be very dangerous.

[Source: ASAP Science]