Asian Blogstar Flames Back Apple, iPhone Fanboys

I have to confess that I still can't get Xiaxue—the amazingly popular Asian blogstar who slammed the iPhone in favor of a Chinese knock-off earlier this month. At first I told Matt that I thought she was a completely dumbtastic bozo but, after seeing this, I think she may be the biggest toe-curling comedy genius since Ricky Gervais. There's something awkwardly funny about her reply to the Apple fanboys' flaming that made me laugh out loud. Wait until the end of the video and everything will make sense. Kind of. What do you think? Stupid moron or comedy genius? (Update: I just saw the previous episode on her series, a NSFW six-minute visit to a sex shop, including her take on toys and penis extender systems. She's definitely funny.)

No wonder she made our top 10 list of hot bloggers in 2006. [Clicknetwork via Fashion Funky—thanks Yash]

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