Asimo Autonomously Navigates Moving Obstacle Course Right Into My Nightmares

Asimo, still licking its wounds after being outrun by Toyota, fired back earlier this month at Carnegie Mellon, where it learned how to navigate complex, moving obstacle courses. Seriously impressive stuff in this video—just wait until things start spinning!


Officially, this video shows that Carnegie Mellon researchers have given Asimo the ability to detect and avoid moving and stationary objects while in pursuit of a goal. Unofficially, researchers at Carnegie Mellon have fueled the cliched "robot uprising" that we joke about from time to time.


The one positive in all this is that anyone not wearing a large blue dot in the near future will most likely be spared. [YouTube via Plastic Pals via BotJunkie via OhGizmo]

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Let's not forget that we have not solved the fundamental problem here: identifying obstacles and targets. In this case all of the obstacles were identified by the pink color (target in blue) and asimo had access to a bird's eye view of the field (would it even work if the camera was mounted on asimo's head?).

It sort of looks like they developed an algorithm for playing Mario Bros. I think robotics is awesome but machine vision still has a ways to go...

Not too many real-life targets will have a blue dot on them :)