Asshole Boyfriend Forced His Girlfriend to Eat an iPhone

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Brian Anscomb, a 37-year-old patent lawyer and dickhead of the week, supposedly "force-fed" an iPhone to his 23-year-old girlfriend in an attempt to make her eat it. That's, like, really not cool man. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE.

The 'stuffing an iPhone down his girlfriend's throat' incident happened this past weekend during an argument the two had on the Upper East Side of New York City. Anscomb's lawyer denies the allegations but Anscomb's girlfriend suffered bruising and cuts on her mouth. We don't know the full story but my god man, how bat shit crazy do you have to be to make someone eat an iPhone?

It wasn't the first time Anscomb escalated an argument by doing something to a phone either. Earlier this month, he had allegedly broke his girlfriend's cellphone in half when she tried to call the cops. This guy must really hate phones. [NY Post via Village Voice]