Asshole Boyfriend Forced His Girlfriend to Eat an iPhone

Brian Anscomb, a 37-year-old patent lawyer and dickhead of the week, supposedly "force-fed" an iPhone to his 23-year-old girlfriend in an attempt to make her eat it. That's, like, really not cool man. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE.

The 'stuffing an iPhone down his girlfriend's throat' incident happened this past weekend during an argument the two had on the Upper East Side of New York City. Anscomb's lawyer denies the allegations but Anscomb's girlfriend suffered bruising and cuts on her mouth. We don't know the full story but my god man, how bat shit crazy do you have to be to make someone eat an iPhone?


It wasn't the first time Anscomb escalated an argument by doing something to a phone either. Earlier this month, he had allegedly broke his girlfriend's cellphone in half when she tried to call the cops. This guy must really hate phones. [NY Post via Village Voice]

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Well, lets break it down. The first thing wrong is a 37-year-old with a 23-year-old. While age typically isn't an issue, usually it's later on after someone is done in their 20s. So, she's a bit silly to be dating him in the first place. I wouldn't care, and don't care about people who date outside of their generation/decades, but typically there is varying levels of maturity going on. Either he must be very immature for his age, or she must be very mature... I'm going with the former.

Second, why you no deep fry the phone like some people deep fry PSPs in attempt to eat it?

Apparently you have to be bat shit crazy to try that, but also bat shit stupid to try that less than a month after he broke her cellphone for calling the cops.

Last, I don't know how new yorkers roll, apparently they march to a different beat, because they're from new york, but for breaking the cellphone while on the phone with the cops/911/emergency service, that is against the law - here in texas at least, which results in immediate arrest and i believe it doesn't come off your record that easy.

That should have been her light bulb going off saying "jeez, maybe i should leave this geezer?"

(That's no offense to anyone who is 37, that's just in relation to her age vs his)