Asus Announces Line of 2ms, HDCP-Equipped LCD Monitors

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Asus showed off its latest group of LCD monitors, and these 20" (MW201U) and 22" (MW221U, pictured above) displays are more versatile than most, equipped with HDCP so you can watch that DRM-ridden video content of which you are so fond in all its full-rez HD goodness.

Helping that along is 1680x1050 resolution, bringing you all that HD glory in a not-quite-fitting 16:10 aspect ratio. One of the 20-inch LCDs, the PW201, even includes an integrated 1.3-megapixel webcam. Gamers will like all of the monitors' 2ms response time, too.

If Asus can keep its prices down, these just might be an appealing bunch of flat panels.


Asus 22" widescreen HDCP 2ms LCD screen [Akihabara News]

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Stop the insanity!!! The 2ms means NOTHING! I can't believe that Gizmodo continues to pump up these BS numbers everytime a new monitor comes out. Unless you can see a response CURVE (not a response POINT) that number is USELESS. For a quick example of an "8ms" monitor curve check here...…

Now see how it actually spends most of it's life ABOVE 8ms in the 20-25ms range? This number is a game that the manufacturers play with. They try to get one point to fall below a certain number and oftentimes the whole monitor suffers as a result. Quit looking at that number. Turn around, go home, no BS number for you. Do not pass go, do not collect that number.

The number is misleading and bogus. Leave it alone already.