Asus Aura Cellphone Concept: Imaginary iPhone Challenger

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The Asus Aura wants you to pretend that it's not an iPhone rip-off, but that's essentially what it looks like, touchscreen and all. To be fair, it does do some things that the iPhone simply doesn't, such as HSDPA and UMTS. The difference? This Asus is just a concept that's years upon years away from ever coming out.


Don't worry, though. There's a big cellphone conference in Barcelona next week where I wager we'll see plenty of iPhone rip-offs.

The iPhone killer from ASUS? [My iPhone]


My old SE P800 that I bought 4 years ago is an iPhone ripoff. SE used a time machine and then went back to 2003 to build it using technology available at the time (the time machine was obviously too small to bring back enough components to build it using Apple's amazing-future-alien technology).

I'm waiting for Apple to get in to the medical arena. Then we'll see a cure for cancer, hair loss and death in general thanks to the Apple iCure.