Asus Eees Getting Voice Recognition This Year

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Who knows if it will work, but Asus wants to put "an end to the keyboard." So a variety of Eee products will roll out with voice recognition capabilities later this year.


According to Asus CEO Jerry Shen:

...internally we have one team dedicated to studying voice recognition. Touch and gesture input is universal, whereas language is not universal...The first Eee PC or Eee Top products implementing voice-recognition and features will be ready by Q3/Q4 2009 – with our dedicated development team working with third parties in both Japan and the US and reporting directly to me. So this is something we will see very soon...

Hmm, it's a fine idea for home (if it works). But I'd rather not be talking to my netbook at Starbucks. [TechRadar]



Hmm, so instead of fat-fingering, I can fat-tongue it.