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First it was dual-core, now it's dual screens. The cheeky Brits over at CNET UK have managed to score some hands-on time with Asus' W5Fe, one of the first laptops to sport two displays (a 12.1-inch display inside and a tiny pocket-size display on the outside). The external display, which is meant to go hand-in-hand with Windows Vista, lets you read e-mails, look up addresses, and scope out weather forecasts without having to boot up your PC. It's accompanied by a four-way directional pad and its own power switch.

The platform is provided by PortalPlayer, who reckons users can save battery life with the external display (since you won't have to boot up Windows each time you want to do something).


CNET UK seems to think it's more luxury than necessity, but with Vista just around the corner, it may not be long before we start seeing these dual-headed laptops.

[via CNET UK]

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