ASUS P5N32-E Motherboard: Gaming Hydra

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

ASUS knows, like you do, that you can never have too many graphics cards. In a day and age where double- and quadruple-SLI graphics solutions are commonplace, ASUS saw a weakness in traditional motherboards that only house a couple of your $800 GPUs. That's why the NVIDIA-based P5N32-E comes equipped with not one or two but three 16x PCI Express slots: because more is always better. Read about more additions to the ASUS line after the jump.


How many graphics cards do you really need? With the P5N32-E, you can run two cards in SLI and use the third slot to fill up to two separate monitors on another card. Necessary? I doubt it. Cool as hell? Maybe. Justification for picking up two more sweet LCDs? Now you're speaking my language. Alternatively, you could use the third slot for a physics processor card and rock out on the two games that support the hardware.

The new ASUS board also sports a redesigned heatpipe chipset cooling system for noise reduction and an upgrade to Intel's integrated audio with the 7.1-ready SupremeFX sound card. They've also released a new on-the-fly overclocking system called AI NOS which reads system temperatures and performance load and overclocks your system automatically to achieve peak performance. No word on whether or not the NOS system requires you to be a jerk about your computer or challenge other gamers to benchmark competitions for pinks.

For $300, you can bring one home in time for the holidays.

The ASUS P5N32-E Gaming Motherboard [via Electronista]



(wish I could just update the above post...)

Did a little searching, and found the diagram of nvidia's 680i chipset:…

looks like its 2 Graphics slots running at 16x and the third runs at 8x's just sized like a 16x slot for convenience. If I'm counting correctly, the board has 46 PCI-express lanes total if you include the 1x slots, etc.