ASUS Puts Voice Recognition in 20-Inch Touchscreen EeeTop ET2002, Now Car Ready

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ASUS likes to throw crap against the wall to see what sticks and in this case they put voice recognition into its newest EeeTop. The software is accurate, but I'm not seeing the need for it in a 20-inch PC.

I do have to say the voice recognition seems to be on the ball from the video; it is actually impressive when Sascha, the German chap in the vid, butchers the pronunciation of "Kanye West" (around 3:46 in video) and the computer lady still understands it and plays a song.

But why do you need this voice functionality baked into an all-in-one with such a big screen where you are bound to have your hands somewhat free to control the touchscreen? Though I guess, it could be useful for when in a kitchen before cooking up a MacGyver Chef creation. [Netbook News]