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Asus' VX3 Lamborghini Laptop Arrives, Costs 2% of Real Lambo

Illustration for article titled Asus VX3 Lamborghini Laptop Arrives, Costs 2% of Real Lambo

Asus just gave a new look and hardware upgrade to its Lamborghini laptop. The VX3 edition has a 12.1" screen, weighs 3.6 lbs, and features such luxe amenities as a sapphire-crystal lens on the built-in camera, a handmade leather palm rest and a titanium alloy hinge. There is also the "authentic" Lamborghini logo to show all the kids at school what car you really want to drive when you're a balding 45-year-old with a sizable investment portfolio and two ex-wives. The PC specs aren't bad, but to be expected in a $3,300 laptop: 320GB HDD, a NVidia GeForce 9300 graphics card, Intel T9300 Core2 Duo chipset and 4GB of RAM, plus HSDPA wireless. [Asus]


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jigga's latent tendencies aside, that's actually a cool laptop. I wish they all had titanium allow hinges.