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AT&T's Mobility CEO just referred to the fact that "Dell announced they're entering the smartphone market." The thing is, despite very convincing evidence that it's happening, they haven't. UPDATED


So two things could be happening here. First, and most likely, is that this guy actually goofed up and let slip Dell's poorly-kept secret. In that case we can truly start looking forward to Dell's multi-OS, multi-form-factor theoretical product line.


Second, and still totally plausible, is that AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega really screwed up, and just repeated some words he'd seen written next to each other on Giz. Lending credence to this theory is the fact that he said that Dell has announced their entry into the market, not that they plan to enter the market. His statement, strictly speaking, is just plain false, and doesn't technically mean what most of us think and hope it does. It's probably not worth applying too scrutiny to the semantics of a slip. UPDATE: AT&T denies. They say that de la Vega was referring to prior coverage about Dell smartphones, not any new information. This sounds reasonable, but keep in mind that they couldn't exactly say "aww, shucks guys, you got us! Now here's a picture of the top secret Optiplex flip phone!" [Gearlog]

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