AT&T MicroCell Fairy Gifts iPhone Users with Free 3G MicroCells

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One mysteriously labeled AT&T "VIP" customer (they've complained, politely? Love wearing AT&T t-shirts?) has been gifted one of those handy MicroCell, and no one seems to know why. Viral marketing stunt? Rounding error? Whatever. Free 3G femtocell: Updated.


We don't know if this is an isolated issue or what—AT&T customer "David" told Engadget he hadn't been particularly vocal about reception issues—but we do know there's at least one free femtocell out there, boosting the signal of one Pennsylvania customer from pathetic to pleasing.

In our mostly positive 3G MicroCell review we had some late breaking news regarding customers who complained loudly and often getting free MicroCells, but that doesn't appear to be the case here (even the AT&T reps were puzzled when he showed up with his claim letter).


Anyone who lives in the boonies have a similar experience?

Update: Reader Erik wrote in to say he's received a similar letter (now above), as did Matt, who says he is "not in the boonies." We have three cases so far—this is officially a trend!


Update: Dozens of readers have written me today about their free MicroCell, from all kinds of locations (many not from the boonies). Did anyone NOT receive a freebie?! [Engadget]