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AT&T Soon Selling iPhones Without Activation for $600 and Up

Illustration for article titled ATT Soon Selling iPhones Without Activation for $600 and Up

According to some intel gathered by Boy Genius Report, starting March 26th, AT&T will begin selling iPhones at a no-commitment, you don't need a new contract price of $599 (8GB) and $699 (16GB).


It's actually a bit confusing, as only AT&T customers can buy the phones, but you don't need to activate the phone with an AT&T contract. So in other words, find an AT&T customer and give 'em a small pile of cash if you'd like to score a no-contract iPhone. [Boy Genius Report]

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as much as I like my iPhone, I don't think I'd pay $700 cash up front for it.

I AM thinking, however, of seeing if I can score an unlocked G1, though... for testing purposes, of course. :)