Starting next week, you'll be able to prepare for AT&T's LTE network on your laptop, tablet (or whatever else!) with a new hotspot or USB dongle. But how much will the mobile broadband run you?

Whether you're using the USBConnect Momentum 4G dongle, Elevate 4G hotspot (both in stores on the 21st), or the LTE-upgradable USBConnect Adrenaline, you'll be laying down $50 for 5 GB of data, plus $10 per gigabyte once you go over your cap. Which could get costly! Worth noting: although the devices are up for sale next week, the actual LTE switch won't get flipped until the very end of summer.


At the moment, AT&T's LTE spectrum is only going to be shining over Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, with plans to hit ten more cities by the end of the year, reaching a total of 70 million people. Hopefully some outside Texas. That'll still leave them far behind Verizon—two to three years behind, if you recall. But even if you're not in an LTE zone, you'll still be able to ride AT&T's HSPA+ network, which ain't LTE, but is better than sitting at the bus stop twiddling your thumbs. How much better? We don't know, because AT&T doesn't say just how fast either of these networks is. Which to us, is more of an annoyance than $10 per gig data overages. [AT&T]