AT&T's Got Just the $500/Month Data Plan You Weren't Looking For

The latest additions to AT&T's new data plan stable are ostentatious, we'll give them that. Want 30GB, 40GB, or 50GB of monthly mobile data? Sure thing, chief. That'll just be up to $500 per month. Oh, plus another $30 for each additional smartphone. Per month. Go over that massive cap? An extra $15 per gig please.

It's not that the fees are crazy for what you're getting; if 3GB runs you $30/month, 30 might as well cost you $300. But as any dedicated Costco member knows, buying in bulk usually justifies at least a tiny discount.


Obviously these aren't plans that you yourself will ever need, unless you have an unhealthy relationship with LTE. They're for businesses, allowing up to 25 devices to feed from the same massive data trough. So at worst, you can feel bad for the suckers in accounts receivable who have to fork over that much cash. And at best? That $50/month plan's not looking quite so hurty any more. [AT&T]

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