AT&T's New Shared Data Plans Are Ridiculously Expensive

With AT&T desperately trying to move away from unlimited data plans, it only makes sense for AT&T to follow Verizon's lead in creating ridiculously priced shared data plans. Shared data plans lets users pool together their data plan for use on multiple devices like their phone, tablet, MiFis and more but for a more ridiculous price than it should be.


You can use up to 10 devices on a single shared data plan but the price for each plan is not as simple as you'd think. It's not like all the leftover data you have on your phone can be simply ported over to your tablet now. You have to sign up for a new plan (and if you have an unlimited plan, this would kill it), and each device that uses data from your shared data plan comes with its own fee. It can get pretty expensive:

So basically, AT&T charges you for the data you use in your shared data pool and then charges you again you for each device that uses that data pool. For example, if you had a phone and tablet and went super cheap with the 1GB shared data plan, it would cost you $40 for the data, $45 for the phone and $10 for the tablet for $105/month. If you wanted to add another tablet, that's another 10 bucks. More data, more money.


AT&T won't be forcing these shared data plans on you, so that makes it better than Verizon, but it's plenty clear that these tiered shared data plans are the future of AT&T. Which means a future that's more expensive to the rest of us. We've contacted AT&T about its new shared data plans and will update with any comment. [AT&T]

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