Atlas' Agents Save Your Day

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Feel like you need a little something unusual to get you through your workday slump? Marvel Comics have you covered, with a free digital issue of Agents of Atlas, their great modern pulp antidote to depressing superheroes and slow Thursdays.

For those who've yet to experience the particular charm of the Agents, they're a group of good guys from the 1950s trying to save the world through subterfuge, smarts... and the use of an inherited former Mongol dynasty. Oh, and one of them is a talking gorilla. The online-only #0, which collects three AoA shorts from anthology titles Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust, Dark Reign: New Nation and the seventh issue of the current Agents of Atlas series (all written by series creator Jeff Parker), should catch you up to speed... as well as give you suitable distraction from your Almost-Friday blues.


Agents Of Atlas #0 [Marvel Digital Comics]