Attention Portuguese People: You're About to Get the Fastest Broadband in the World

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Portuguese ISP Zon Multimedia will devlier one gigabit of bandwidth to broadband customers come September. One gigabit! So, if you want a truly fast internet connection in 2009, you're better off moving to the Azores than, say, New York City.

This is painful for the vast majority of the world's online population, who live out their lives in a sub-10Mbps ghetto, but doubly so for South Korea, who seemed to have the claim to the first 1Gbps connection all locked up. If it's any consolation, nobody's even claiming they'll be able to hit 1Gbps here.


Of course, there will be disadvantages. 1Gbps connections surely won't come cheap, and seriously, beyond extremely well-seeded torrents, you're going to have trouble finding too many places that are willing to serve you content at over 128 megabytes per second. But still, this hurts. UPDATE: Apparently Japan might already have this? Well, screw you guys too. [Broadband TV News]