Author Disguises Experiment As Ridiculously Addictive Game

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Albert-László Barabási believes that "despite the seeming randomness of human behavior, humans actually act in very predictable patterns." He's so convinced of this theory that he posted an incredibly addictive game-like version of his book Bursts online as an experiment.


The idea behind Bursts: The Hidden Pattern Behind Everything We Do is that people are quite predictable and work in patterns. And what better way to show that than by getting a bunch of folks on the Internet addicted to a puzzle-like game and observing how they solve it?

Basically the interactive version of Bursts allows readers or players to gradually reveal the words of the book. This can be done by adopting words, guessing, or simply revealing them by using up points earned from correct guesses. Simple, but very, very addictive—at least to me.


I recommend trying the game out, but if you want to take the lazy route and skip the guessing, a plain ol' bound version of the book will be published on April 29. [Bursts]

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Sounds sinister to me...