Automatic Talking, Feeding Dog Bowl

What happens when you take a talking dog bowl and add automatic feeding to it? You get an Automatic Electronic Pet Feeder with Voice Recorder, of course.


The bowl feeds your dog/cat/baby with three separate trays, which can be programmed to open at 8-, 12-, or 24-hour intervals. That means the maximum you can leave your house for is three days, unless you somehow put enough food in each tray to last more than one day.


Our idea? Make one of these for wives to use when they go away on business trips so their husbands don't starve. No really, we're totally serious.

Product Page [WildElectronics via Nerd Approved]

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yeah, I have a pack of cats and they'll bust this thing WIDE open if they decide food could be gotten earlier from it. What I see this being useful for is actually not having your petsitter visit so often—we have the cats on weird food schedules for necessary medical reasons and we're going on a 4-5 day vacation in July. If we only had to get a kid over to check on them a couple times rather than stay at our house or come 1-2 times a day, it would be a HUGE help. (we live farther away from our friends then they like).

Also, the bf went away for a week and so we're now eating ice cream, not folding laundry and watching too much TV. Girlfriends need these too! No one wants to cook for one :(