Awesome Adults Build Giant Indoor Slide For Kids

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A part of the American Dream is to be able to retire comfortably in your favorite area, say on a lake, with a large home. But not everyone dreams the same, some people love giant slides, and this family went a little nuts and installed one inside their house for the kids. Not for the adults, mind you, the kids. It's 30 inches in diameter and totals 30 feet long, all indoors. It's built to wrap around the used parts of the house so you'd never notice. I want a water slide like this. This is so cool it makes me resent my parents even more for never doing anything remotely this cool, ever. [The Craig Caboodle]


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"Actually LeeAnn, you caught me. No, it's NOT a Super Slide (who would be dopey enough to take up valuable indoor space on such a silly thing).

It's actually a laundry chute that goes from the East Loft down into a tiny back corner on the second floor behind a wall alongside the Home Theater.

All the dirty clothes from the attic are sent down the chute and pop out where no one will ever see them again. This way Mom doesn't have to wash them (which increases our carbon footprint) and haul them back upstairs (which increases her stairs footprints). The dirty clothes simply disappear. It's a big win-win for both Mom and the environment." the comments as well ;)