Turn Your Entire Home Into a Miniature Golf Course With These Putting Cup Air Vents

After just a week of quarantine, you’re probably already on the verge of running out of activities in your home. Anything and everything will be a welcome distraction moving forward, such as easily turning every floor of your home into a miniature golf course—minus water hazards and those frustrating spinning windmills.

The Puttacup is designed to replace the vents and grates covering the floor ducts in a home with central heating and air conditioning. The vents are there to prevent random objects from falling into and getting trapped in the ductwork, but the Puttacup adds extra functionality in the form of a sunken cup that can be used for putting practice, without the risk of sending a golf ball clanging down to the furnace in the basement.

The upgrade still includes openings allowing hot or cold air to be pumped into a room, although it does appear to slightly limit the airflow when compared to a standard vent. That’s one thing you’ll want to keep in mind before ordering, but also that the Puttacup is only designed for vent holes measuring 4.25x10 inches in size. At $25 each they’re not so expensive that they’re going to break the bank, but if you order 10 of them to convert your entire home into a putt-putt course, you’d be sorely disappointed if they arrived and didn’t actually fit.

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“the vents and grates covering the floor ducts in a home with central heating and air conditioning.”

i lived in and been to many homes with central heating and not a single one of them had those weird ducts in the floor