Aytobe GPS - It's Danish and Cheap

Yes, we are obsessed with the price drops going on in the GPS world. Dangaard Telecom just released the Aytobe PND (personal navigation device) in Europe. It's a PND/nav sat/whatever that is powered by the SiRFStar III - the new badboy GPS chip allowing routes to be calculated much quicker than in previous gen GPS systems.

Other than that, the stats look fairly standard: 300mhz, 64mb internal storage, USB 1.1 (ick), 2gb SD support, Windows CE interface (not sure of functionality), infrared remote and possibly a touch screen (we are reading translation from a Danish company). But, at $250 Euros including tax, the Aytobe may give TomTom a run for their money. We'll see if it ever comes stateside.


Original Story [traslation via navigadget]

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