B-2 Bomber Crash Film Finally Released Publicly

Click to viewDo you remember the $1.2 B-2 Stealth Bomber that crashed during take-off? Well now a video has been released of the event. But let me warn you—it's really, really hard watching so much taxpayer cash wastefully go up in flames, especially when the travesty unfolds so slowly. Apparently the plane's sensors were fooled by the presence of water and convinced the vehicle to pitch up on take-off. Luckily both pilots ejected safely. [via Wired]

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It's really sad, the state of software quality in our nations defense industry. First there were the F-22's that almost crashed because of a bug in their code, due to crossing the international date line. Now a B-2 that freaks out because of water, and tries to clime at a ridiculously slow airspeed. This is a horrible, expensive trend. I think it's time for some more robust QA. International Dateline? Water? Were these things not anticipated? Pathetic.

...Mars landers crashing due to English/Metric mix-up. Challenger, Columbia? Though the foam hitting the wing does seem like it's somewhat unavoidable. But frozen o-rings? That's pathetic too.