Back To The Future, Bollywood-style! Man travels back to the 1970s to fix his parents' marriage

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A man is scared to get married because his parents' marriage is such a disaster — so he decides to travel back to the 1970s in a time machine to give both parents a makeover. It could only be Bollywood.

Seriously, between the insanely cute posters and the ridonkulously catchy trailer, our hearts have pretty much been captured by Action Replayy, which comes out tomorrow. Even though the premise is sort of scary — I mean, Marty McFly makes his dad more of a stud and improves his parents' marriage by accident, he doesn't set out to go back in time just to improve his parents' marriage. But at the same time, there'll be lots of spoofy homages to 1970s Bollywood films, and the film apparently showcases "sassy 70s of Mumbai in its full technicolour glory." Plus it's based on a stage play, and it's from the same director and star who made the 2008 hit movie Singh is King.


Here's a gallery of those absolutely eye-popping posters:

And here's the trailer:

And finally, here's the movie's synopsis, which just gets more demented every time I look at it:

Kishen (Akshay Kumar) and his wife Mala (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) have been battling each other throughout 35 years of marriage. As a result, their son Bunty (Aditya Roy Kapur) has developed a phobia of wedlock, much to the dismay of his long-term girlfriend Tanya (Sudeepa Singh).

Problems arise when Tanya's grandfather Professor Anthony Gonsalves presents Bunty with an ultimatum - marry Tanya or get out of her life! Bunty takes action by booking a ticket to ride back in time using Professor Gonsalves' time travel machine, to a period during the 70s when his parents were unmarried.

He attempts to rewrite Kishan and Mala's doomed destiny and transform their disastrous arranged marriage into an affair of the heart. His mission is to convert his father from a shortsighted, nerdy wimp with greasy hair into a handsome, bouncy-haired stud and eligible bachelor; and his mother from a feisty tomboy to the epitome of feminine grace. His next task is to achieve the impossible - make them fall in love with each other and persuade their feuding parents to agree to their marriage.


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