Bale Tries To Crush Our Hopes For Batman 3, But At Least There's No Terminator 5 Either

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Everyone's favorite maniac for justice, Christian Bale, isn't holding his breath for Nolan's involvement in the next Batman feature. When asked if he thought Christopher Nolan would be back, Bale was uncharacteristically negative about a third Bat-film, generally.

Last week rumors leaked that Nolan couldn't find a story for the third Batman movie, since Heath Ledger's Joker was supposed to continue on as the villain in the third feature. In an interview with MTV, Bale seemed to confirm that rumor, stating:

"I truly don't know that we're going to see another Batman movie."

When asked if that saddened him, because Chris doesn't feel like doing it, Bale answered somberly:

I wouldn't see Chris as being so whimsical as that. It would be purely that he would need to find a story that is good enough. And if he can't find one then it might not happen.


But finally, and we think maybe the reason for Bale's sour disposition, is the question, "Would you work with another director?" To which Bale skirted and said:

I don't even know if there will be a third so I'm a step away from even having to have to consider that.


Oh silly Bale. The Dark Knight printed a small South American country's annual money supply for Warner Brothers, you'll be in this film even if they decide to let Brett Ratner direct it. But that's what you're really scared of, isn't it? Hey maybe you could rewrite the next Bat too, if it comes down to it.

Speaking of bad rewrites, at the press junket, Bale also revealed that no-one has been talking to him about a Terminator 5. I wonder why?


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