The grand total cost of pulling off a national hoax is whatever balloon-making supplies go for, $42,000 in fines, and 30 days of jail time. Richard "Balloon Dad" Heene probably considers that a bargain in the world of attention-whoring.


After Heene's wife confessed to her part in his grand hoax, we knew that punishment would come. Sadly it's in the form of a mere 20 days of jail for Mayumi Heene and 30 days for Richard Heene. Mr. Heene will also be serving an additional 60 days in a work release program and four years of probation during which he is forbidden from "profiting from the Balloon Boy hoax."

I sincerely doubt that this is the last we'll hear of Heene, but let's enjoy the four years of quiet, shall we? [TMZ]