Bang & Olufsen BeoCenter 6-23: A $5199 23" LCD TV? You're Kidding, Right?

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No, we're not going to fawn over Bang & Olufsen, the company that's quickly becoming the dumb blonde of the consumer electronics industry, as evidenced by its release of the BeoCenter 6-23 LCD TV. Here's a 1366x768 23-inch LCD TV selling for $5,199. And guess what? There's not even an HDMI port. Perhaps the Danish company should have stuck with high-style audio products.

Sure, the BeoCenter 6-23 is the first flat panel with DAB (digital audio broadcasting) integration, that digital radio standard that's available almost everywhere in the world except the United States. Yeah, you can get it in silver, black, gray, red, blue and yellow, but just think, you can get a 23-inch LCD HDTV that looks just about as good for around $700 or less. You could get seven of those for the price of one of these BeoCenter 6-23 trinkets. Something stinks about this. Where I come from, BO stands for something else, and it's not Bang & Olufsen.

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