Bank Robber Caught While Heading Back Into Bank to Withdraw Taxi Fare

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Some people are so stupid they deserve to be arrested. Like an accused bank robber from Atlanta, Georgia, whose failed bank robbery saw him head out to his getaway taxi—only to realize he didn't have any money for the fare and return to the bank to take out some cash.


From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

"According to Chamblee police, the taxi driver said she picked up the [suspect] at the Chamblee MARTA station and transported him round trip to the Wells Fargo.

Upon their return to the MARTA station, the man told the driver he needed to go to the station parking lot to get money out of his car to pay for the trip.

The driver, concerned her passenger was going to skip out without paying, blocked his car with the taxi and got the attention of a MARTA officer. The officer didn't know about the bank robbery and talked Gladston into going back to the bank to withdraw money to pay for the cab ride."


Oddly enough, police officers had by this point arrived at the scene and immediately arrested the suspect. If only he'd been a good bank robber and actually managed to steal some cash. [AJC via Neatorama; Image: 401K]

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Tech Artist

Wow.... 1st off, who is stupid enough to rob a bank with a note? Like any Bank Teller is going to buy that. That bascially makes you the world's stupidest criminal right there. Second, relying on a taxi as a getaway vehicle and not even having the cash to pay for it in the 1st place has to be one of the most stupid things I think I've ever heard in the history of ever.

I'm mean, why not just steal a car or why not wear a jacket and put your hand in your pocket and at least pretend you have a gun? Or, go to any toy store and fake the gun by buying a toy gun(of course this guy would probably be stupid enough to not paint the orange nub black 1st).