Barack Obama "Uses the Internet Like a Normal Adult"

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We know he's a BlackBerry fanboy, an international iPod evangelist, and a prolific YouTube vlogger, and a general nerd, but now we have a new label for our POTUS: Internet addict.


In 2010, to "use the internet like a normal adult" is to give in to a terrible, emotionless symbiosis from which you can never withdraw, so what's said here—that the president reads blogs, that he spends a lot of his day online, that he's the first president to have an internet connection at his desk—is less interesting that what's left unsaid: Does he laugh at memes? Does he comment? Does he troll?

And as the WaPo's anonymous source so obviously wanted the world to ask, or else he/she would have worded things differently: Porntube or xHamster? [Washington Post via Ed Bott]