Barack Obama's French Twitter Hacker Arrested

French, check. Unemployed, check. Obvious hacker name of "HackerCroll," check. The FBI has nailed their cuplrit, believed to have "gained control of Twitter" by hacking into both Obama's and Britney Spears's Twitter accounts last year.

It's not known whether he tweeted anything under both accounts—though we do know Britters' spewed out some random junk last year—with Captain Adeline Champagnat, a French police cyber crimes officer merely stating:

"His aim wasn't to make money. It was simply to show that he was able to access accounts of Twitter members. And the best proof of that is that he did screen grabs of certain confidential data which he tried to post on blogs that are reserved for pirates or hackers"


Next hacker exercise on the list: working out Obama's 4Chan account name. [Reuters]

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