Barbarella Being Rebooted By Legally Blonde Director

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Now that Robert Rodriguez has stepped down from helming Barbarella, campy rom-com director Robert Luketic is taking his place. Can Luketic's Legally Blonde chops bring our favorite space minx back? And will he bring new favorite Katherine Heigl with him?

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Robert Luketic is picking up where Robert Rodriguez left in the Barbarella reboot. While we know he definitely has the cute/camp skills to pull off an endearing picture, based on Legally Blonde, I have to wonder could Barbarella even be made for today's audiences?


You're asking an awful lot from your viewers. Besides the fact that this takes place in an over the top planet populated by über-horny citizens (some winged), what about the excessive machine? That alone will take some convincing — not that I'm against someone attempting to rebuild the giant organ that will kill you with a pleasure overdose.

The second thing worth pondering is, exactly who in Hollywood can take over for the legendary Jane Fonda? Right now, Luketic seems quite fond of the starlet Katherine Heigl, casting her both in his movies The Ugly Truth and Five Killers. Of course this is just wild speculation — she is tall and leggy, but I'm not sure she can master a sincere doe-eye.