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It seemed like magic back when barcodes could simply identify a grocery store item. And when QR codes hit the scene, pictures pointed us to URLs. Now "barcodes" have reached the next level of complexity.

Mobile Multi-Colour Composite (MMCC) is a 2D barcode technology that can transmit text, video clips, ringtones and games to mobile devices. Better than a QR code (pictured here), the user doesn't need internet access to discover associated media—the data is all in the picture.


Based upon the technology's name, we're assuming that this extra information storage was discovered in the color spectrum (by rainbow-izing the pattern), which is a similar to the way fiber optics have boosted their transmission rates over time. But it calls into question just how accurate these colors will need to be, and whether or not a sun-faded billboard might make for a funky version of adding a bow on his head or something. [India Times via textually]

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